festivals and events


Edan Sound has facilitated group sound baths at countless festivals, across the UK & Europe.

Festivals include Shambala, Green Gathering, Supernormal, Ruigoord (Amsterdam) and many more…

Sound baths are the perfect ‘chill out’ for festival goers. Anyone can participate, no experience necessary and allows people to escape the sensory overload from a festival.

Soesen also facilitates natural voice choir sessions at festivals – learning easy feel good beautiful songs with anyone that loves to use their voice.

Singing workshops include vocal healing techniques, harmonies and song rounds. No experience necessary!

Moseley Baths, Flatpack Festival


Edan Sound has had the joy of running and being part of many wonderful sound event.

Sound baths in swimming pools, on hill tops, in woodlands, collaborations with other artists, sound track composition and so much more.

There are no boundaries – get in touch if you want to collaborate!