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Heal; In Northern Middle English means ‘to make sound’, to become healthy again.

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Know your healer…

I want to talk about Sound ‘Healers’ in general…. more and more people are realising/being reminded of the immense power of sound and its incredible healing capabilities. There are more therapists, healers and practitioners popping up all over the place in many different capacities and this is making sound healing so accessible these days! I’m so happy about this and full-heartedly recommend you try it if you haven’t already and I also support anyone else practicing in this field. It is so wonderful that the world of wellbeing and self healing is growing so fast. We ourselves have all the tools we need to be happy, healthy and strong.

HOWEVER…. BEWARE…. there are more and more people popping up calling themselves sound healers, and in other fields of wellbeing, that have no training, qualifications or experience.
This form of therapy is deep, it requires knowledge, experience and training. It involves powerful healing tools and sound itself can be used to heal and hurt.

Personally, I don’t really like the term ‘healer’. I am no better or more superhuman than the next person. I certainly don’t know it all, will always be learning and growing and require as much self help and healing as the rest of our community. You yourself is the healer. You are the only healer worth listening to and you yourself has all the tools you need. I believe we as practitioners are simply guides with a little more knowledge in one specific area. We guide and support and offer tools to help you the master get to a better place of wholeness.

I strongly recommend you attend healers and therapists with some sort of accreditation.
Sound is a very powerful tool. At the very least, if the ‘healer’ is not trained they will do you no good, no bad. At worst, they could do significant damage.

Know your healer. Trust your instincts and seek the best for yourselves.

Love & well wishings to you all xxxxx

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