Teaching & Workshops

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Edan sound offers virtual and in-person workshops for people wanting to delve deeper in to the world of sound therapy.

Soesen offers an introductory course in singing bowls, vocal toning and how to use sound therapy to heal yourselves and your loved ones.

Edan Sound workshops are no nonsense, practical learning for all, giving participants the knowledge and methodology to use sound in a highly beneficial way.

Edansound sound therapy teaching
edansound sound therapy teaching session


If you cant find a date that suits you, Soesen also offers private tutoring for individuals or groups.

Workshops offered:

  • Basics in Sound Therapy
  • How to play a singing bowl – the right way!
  • Vocal toning & vocal healing
  • Playing a gong therapeutically
  • 1-2-1 treatments
  • Using sound in the community
  • Easy natural voice singing & stepping in to our voices