1-2-1 sessions

Sound Therapy for Individuals

As a certified sound therapist, Soesen Edan helps people to heal, relax, and transform with the power of sound.
Personalised sessions are designed to meet your individual needs and promote overall well-being.
The transformative power of sound and its ability to align your mind, body, and spirit enables people to return to their original blue-print of wellness.
Take the first step towards harmony and health and book your session today.

Deeply healing, therapeutic and energetically shifting….

The 1-2-1 sessions are a lot more focused than a group sound bath and great for working on specific issues. They are completely tailored to suit the client and what is going on for them energetically.

Sound Therapy can be hugely beneficial for all manner of dis-ease including depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, allergies, auto immune diseases and digestive problems.


After an initial discussion, Soesen carries out a diagnosis to work out where the work is needed in the body. After this she can provide the client with the right prescription of tones, instruments and sounds to help the system to balance itself by releasing the denser energy that can hold the body in an unhealthy state.

Using Himalayan singing bowls, vocal toning & overtoning, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls and grounding percussion, Soesen is able to help the client reach their original blueprint of wellbeing, by gently bathing them in a bespoke therapeutic sea of sounds…

edan sound one to one session
edan sound therapy room


Soesen carries out her 1-2-1 sessions from her peaceful therapy room at her home in Herefordshire, close to the River Wye.

An initial 1.5hr consultation and therapy session is £60.

Any subsequent sessions are £50.

All sessions are completely tailored to suit the individual client. They are client centered, enabling the client to understand themselves on all levels of being, equipping them with the tools to help them on their healing journey.