Don’t Call It ‘Healing’




Don’t Call It ‘Healing’

Dec 22, 2019 · 8 min read
Photo by Tobias Wenning

Konstantin is a gong master based in Ibiza who goes by the artistic name Kosma Solarius. He was born in 1972 in the Bavarian Forest, and is a mix of German and Greek roots. I interview this legend on Ninu Nina, and we discuss in great detail his background, how he grew up with music and later on as a teen ager how he became more and more interested in how to create and produce sound. We discuss his inspirations and life in Ibiza and the turning point in his life in the late 80’s when he booked the Star Sounds Orchestra, a legendary psychedelic trance live act, where he discovered and heard a set of symphonic planet gongs on a stage for the first time. Through research he found out that these instruments had a special way of being tuned to the orbital frequency of the planets of our solar system. From that point on he would always produce music tuned to planet frequencies.

We interview Konstantin again but this time we get a little deeper with the magic of gongs.

Science & the Magic of the Gongs

Konstantin: I was very lucky to meet Jens ( Star Sounds Orchestra), because he is the father of planet gongs. He had the initial idea to tune symphonic gongs to planetary sounds, which they had experimented with already. Steve was the first musician ever to compose a planetary tuned music track, working together with the Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto, who discovered the so called cosmic-octave calculations, in which the time a planet needs to travel around the sun gets translated into a sound frequency.

Turns out, that each planet has a very unique tuning and this was a very big discovery, that these tunings are the soul of music.

If you take for example a guitar, and tune one string slightly up and down, but within the same key, you will realize, that each new tuning has a different character to it. So, the same key, but just slight changes of tuning seem to make a big difference. This is how the idea was born to use these gongs for gong meditations.

In fact, these gongs were the first instruments ever to be tuned to natural frequencies and four of my gongs are from this very first series of planet gongs. I like to see them as the Stradivarius of gongs and I feel a great responsibility towards my work as gong master.

I never use the term “HEALING”, because when I understood what healing actually is, I realized it is a lie to offer healing. Nobody can offer healing, nothing can heal you and there is no super healing frequency, healing pills or doctors and shamans, which can actually heal you. This is a great misconception. The healing-tourists run from one healing session to the next like an addiction. Today frog poison, tomorrow magic mushrooms and next weekend they do a ayahuasca session and after that they need a detox healing. Each of these activities makes sense, but the way it is consumed and monetized is simply taking advantage of the original idea.

Healing is a process done by our bodies. The healing process can’t be done by anything else or anybody else!

Gongs have astonishing results and yes they can be used to treat people with health issues. I am more of a scientific person than a musician in the first place but today many sound practitioners today are poorly trained, if trained at all. They often come from the spiritual scene and it seems fashionable now for yogis to bang on gongs after their yoga sessions. There are lots of gong master trainings around the world now and 99% of them are in fact, worth nothing. The trainers are often self announced gurus with zero professional training. If they are badly trained, and bang their gongs like crazy the result can in fact be very harmful for the receivers.

I really want to share this one experience with your readers Leila.

About a year ago I met a guy with a serious genetic defect. His lung cells could not renew and when I met him, he was already at 11.5% lung capacity. It was actually a medical miracle already, that he was still able to walk and talk. Normally starting from 20% of capacity, people breathe with machines and they wait for a lung transplant. He had a PhD in Bio Chemistry and knew very well what was the problem so he decided to change his environment.

I offered to play the gongs for him once a week, placing him directly in front of one of my 38 inch gongs. The effect was instant and incredible. After 5 minutes of playing low volume deep frequencies, his lungs cleared up, and he began to cough. His face turned red meaning the blood circulation increased and he mentioned he hadn’t felt that clear in his mind for a long time. He only continued to improve and recent tests show, that he’s now 20% of capacity which truly is a medical miracle, I am honored to say we were able to achieve.

So what actually happened? The natural tunings and especially the bass and subsonic frequencies vibrate all the body’s cells and get them into resonance. This helps cell membranes to get back in shape, like a deep cell massage. So, again — the gongs didn’t heal him, but helped stabilize the body by strengthening the immune system jumpstarting the body’s own healing process.

Gong Meditations with symphonic planet gongs are the most modern form of sound therapy!

Another Misconception

This is NOT an ancient practice. Nobody in Asia did sound meditation with gongs. The gongs have always been used differently in different countries. Thai monks play the gong before prayer, in Korea they hit the gongs after a hard winter to scare the bad spirits away and in Bali they make music with theirs. The only ancient traditional one made for the purpose of “Sound Therapy” is the Australian Didgeridoo.

Vibrations and Frequency

There are lots of articles published on frequencies, these are all LIES.

This is all neo-spiritual nonsense without any scientific foundation. A sales pitch to put chakra stickers on singing bowls. There is no quality to the level of frequencies. I always ask before a session, wether the participants understand the difference between vibration and frequency, and only about 1 % ever have a real understanding. We use these terms all the time but in fact many don’t know anything about it. So here it is:

  • Vibration is a physical movement.
  • Frequency is a measuring unit, which tells us, “how often something happens per second”.

The “Soft Manner” Gong playing technique

The technical and theoretical training of the gong master is for sure the most important, when we talk about sound practitioners and the effects of their work. People often believe “more is better” or “stronger is better”, so they play like they need to scare away some ghosts or demons. Jens Zygar is probably the most advanced gong artist on this planet and he developed and mastered the “soft-manner” style and keeps improving it.

Decades of experience show clearly what works and what doesn’t. It is all about the abilities of the performing person and not about the instrument, the tuning or the tone frequencies. The soft manner is focussing on the idea of integral sound work. Sound practitioners need to have an awaken sensitivity for people and a good portion of musicality is of course essential too. It is useless, if a person has no sensitivity for the clients or the instrument. If the technique isn’t mastered, the gongs will never sound at their best and it is the special skill to make them sound exactly the way we want them to.

When ever you happen to join a sound meditation, please be aware of the danger of overdose type of playing and just leave.

I decided to teach others only two years ago. If you are interested in learning from me have a look at the following link

Breathe with the Gong

When we are born, the first thing we do is have our first breath and there will be the last breath when we leave our bio-body suits at the end of our lives. I like to explain for all of the readers here a very simple and efficient breathing technique, you can use anytime.

First, breathe out and empty your lungs. Now inhale for 4 seconds and when your lungs are full, put a smile on and exhale again for also 4 seconds.When your lungs are empty, put on a serious expression and repeat the process.

When we breathe in, we fill our lungs with freshly charged air and the little moment between inhaling and exhaling is the magic moment, when we can actually program our selves. This is the moment of delivery, when the energy of the air is getting delivered into our system. We can give this incoming energy an information by a happy emotion with a smile. When we exhale, this is the moment when we get rid of what is used up and not needed anymore.

It is essential to breath with the gongs, also when I play. Breathing waves are my main focus when I perform.

The effects are truly amazing.

Leila: I know some readers here might find some of the opinions shared surprising or shocking, but I felt it was important to share, because I agree on many levels on how this popular trendy world of “ well being” has been commercialized by a lot of people with no real training. Or like in anything else too much of something can be negative and I’ve seen people obsess so much with the latest fads, they are constantly in the look out for the next big thing. I’m not here to say what is right or wrong, or how far one should go, for some people micro dosing every day to work is part of daily life and it works. Yoni steam ritual parties are even a “ thing” these days despite many doctor warnings that this could in fact be more harmful than beneficial. As I wrote previously, people blame everything on mercury on retrograde for anything that goes wrong. Then of course there is the party crowd that claims to be into the environment, and shamanism yet they go to Tulum to drop acid and have turned it into an ecological disaster. Its a very personal matter of course, I am someone who would like to think I have enough self awareness to know what is good for me, but its really something I have to work on every day. I’ve always been a happy and grateful person but today’s world is changing so fast, the news is bad, and the world feels like its turning upside down sometimes so I’ve found it hard to stay optimistic. Finding the lifestyle to make meditation part of my daily routine took some time, but ever since I made the change I’ve noticed a huge improvement in how I handle stress and anxiety. I think there was a point when I overused the word “healer” too, but in L.A. I realized the word was being coined for everything and anything, so when I spoke to Konstantin about this, it all made sense. I want to thank him for sharing his views and life with us, and please read my article on ninunina to find out more on this incredible gong master.


Don’t Call It ‘Healing’