about soesen


Based in the Midlands, Soesen has been working with music for over 20 years, playing instruments, DJing, producing music nights and festivals, broadcasting on radio and traveling the globe in search of the best sonic remedies.

Having worked with artists and musicians all over the world, Soesen realised that the most special part of her work was how music and sound effected people.

Soesen first witnessed the powerful of effects of music when her father discovered Mozart. During a turbulent time in her childhood, her father would return from work and they would witness his body physically changing once sitting down to listen to Mozart.

This experience led Soesen to focus on creating sound installations whilst studying her Fine Art degree. The aim of her main body of work was to emurce the audience in state changing sounds.

In her 20s, Soesen created The Musery (The Music Surgery). This was a light-hearted festival performance whereby she gave musical prescriptions, dressed as a doctor, for anyone with an ailment. This grew into a much deeper fascination with how music and sound effects people so deeply but also in such an individual way.

After graduating from The British Academy for Sound Therapy Soesen set up her practice and now works with sound on a much deeper and holistic level as Edan Sound.

A great part of Soesen’s learning has been informed by her own personal journey through ill health and well being. This incredible journey continues and Soesen can now share her skills and experiences with others in a powerful, positive method, through sound healing.

Soesen now travels the UK, working with groups and individuals using sound as a tool to help heal and balance. She has worked with a vast variety of groups and individuals including people with Autism, chronic illness, in special and mainstream schools, with members of the public, prisoners, elderly dementia patients, hospices, businesses and festivals.

About Soesen Edan of Edansound